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We service all of Orange County, and even some surrounding cities! We are a full-service and mobile auto detailing business – so yes, we come to you!

Paint correction is needed when a car’s paint becomes dull, oxidized, and has accumulated numerous shallow scratches over time (typically from car wash drive-thrus, or having the neighbor kid wash the car for some quick cash). With our extensive buffing, polishing and Hybrid Ceramic Sealant to follow, your car will once again be showroom ready!

Interior Detailing entails scrubbing of door panels, front dashboard, and middle console with cleaner and disinfectant. We then proceed to shampoo the carpets, remove pet hair, tough stains, dirt & grime, deep clean the upholstery (leather, synthetic or fabric) and crevices. We lastly apply conditioner to protect the door panels, dashboard and upholstery from the intense sun rays that cause cracking, ripping and leather dehydration.

Wax was the original form of protection for your vehicle, however this has since become an outdated method of paint protection. As a natural substance, it is not able to withstand extreme heat or cold, protecting the pain for only about 6-8 weeks on average.

At Ark Mobile Detail, we recommend our Hybrid Ceramic Sealant as one of the most durable forms of protection for your vehicle against the elements and other damaging components (such as bird droppings, tree sap, etc). We apply this with an orbital polisher to penetrate and seal the clear coat, creating the ultimate smooth finish and brilliant shine to your vehicle.

A ceramic sealant will last 6-8 months if exposed to the natural elements and 8-12 months if kept indoors.

At Ark Mobile Detail, we take extra care while utilizing clay bars to remove all contaminants such as sap, oxidation, overspray and water spots on your vehicle. This decontamination step leaves your paint ultra smooth to the touch.

Yes! Adding sealant to rims will give you a showroom-shine finish and even repel brake dust, keeping your rims even cleaner for an extended period of time.

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